Saturday, April 11, 2009

its a start..

hi guys. its me Ak. yup2.. no 1 else .

Ok, actually this is my 1st time ( as a blogspot user ) , so i bet will be back to square 1. from level 1 ait? heheheh. no problem with dat, im used to it.

Right now, im at T-ba office. just got back from Rafflesia Park. what an exciting day. its like we taking photo's, but at the same time we doing the juggle trekking things.yay! good for health . tq to him, & da rest , for make this day trip happen. yahoo! ( me & t-ba,each of us had 1 big Soto Ayam + Meggi kari Telur ; this only apply when u r on the cold area )

last time, i used as my 1st blog. then since i sign-up to the , so im using dat site as my blog. but seems 90% of my friends, people i know, using this blogspot. So i'll take another step, the big one, to convert and use this as my New blog as da last eva.hheeheheheheh.

ok , cut the crap. its almost 4:30pm here, dont want to waste ur weekend time. if u guys hav sum chance, do drop by at my site Dats-freelance

i'll put some of the photo for after this. just wait k. this 1st blog, is only for testing ,try&error purpose. so far so good. i LIKE!