Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cant sleep, or this time still consider as young?

cant sleep.cant sleep. somehow, i remember my past.its full with dramatic, but dats reality.definitely dats my life.and im glad, im still here. bloggin, working, and so on. i guess, im manage to survive & stay alive. im look forward with my life now.well, sounds confident. im sure i am. i believe in you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


MAHUA WATERFALL TAMBUNAN is such a good place to relax my mind. Well, this is my 1st time to come here. im kinda excited, since its been a while didnt do this adventure activities. Finally i had my own time, my own space and my own R.I.P Trip. Thanks again to Taufik, Leeza & nooren for willing to share your time to made this trip alive.. + pedas + gatal + pedih = Sakit ( chill guys. my fault, no hugging tree next time)

so here some photos during dat time; sila tunjuk ajar

kid + waterfall = Cold
This Young Lady really catch my eyes. she's freezing


My 1st Official Macro Shot. Tq to taufik & leeza for sharing da ILMU

Mahua Waterfall
Somehow, this remind me how small i am..

**For more Mahua photos, drop by my flickr**

sorry for the late update. many things actually happen in my life. Those who strive shall survive, and i hope i can be in the "strive" team.
So dats it for now. look forward for my next journey.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 A.M in da morning

hhhmmm... Its not bcuz of i cant sleep till 3 A.M, But i just terbangun ni dari tidur. yup2.its 3A.M in the Morning. definitely im not in sleep tide Mode. **sigh**

So since i nda tertidur ni, i think im gonna update dis blog. As i promise, here 1 photo of my kazen Yna during da wedding .

Yna & Faizul

The rest of her wedding photos can b view at my Flickr

anyway, i just want 2 share wit u guys, dat i've od tender my resignation letter yesterday.yup2. letak jawatan. Its time for me to moved on. Ya, so i heard it too. probably im gonna get offer Job ait. till now, havent get any Black & White, so i just hope & pray dat i will get it soon.tq 2 people who owez support me.u know who u r ait.:) .. To many things happen,..naaa.. not dat many, just a few things actually, but quite major stuff, especially to myself. but i Believe, everyone hav dey own decision.. and my mum owez, n owez tell me. do respect the Peoples;Choice.. respect them as a person.understand them as a human being. Those who strive shall survive.

now is Feb 9,2010. it might sound 2 early, but never-mind.to people who celebr8 Chinese New Year,i wish u guys Gong Xi Fa Chai.

I hope i can R.I.P . before i melalut lagi ntah apa2 ntah. i want to end this session wit dis 3Am song ( actualy nothing 2do wit da time,just happen to update at dis tym bah)

bah..almost 4AM suda. Redha saja la ...

Hav A nice Day