Monday, August 30, 2010

I love My sunday. ..yurp its on aug 29.2010.

well, just wanna do some quick blog here, so i can remember this day, that im happy!

Thanks to YOU,YOU ,YOU & of coz, YOU! You know who ~


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadhan is a Superstar!

Last Wednesday is the 1st of Ramadhan 1431. Just in case the viewers need to get better info bout what is Ramadhan, welcome to check this site Ramadhan

For me, my 1st day of Puasa is quite challenging. I had this Cough ,Sore throat, Flu and fever. Its All in one. came in 1 package. Alhamdulillah,i still manage to finish my Puasa on the 1st day Ramadhan. That night, went to see doc, i got MC for yesterday. good. need that 1 day rest to stay home, spent time with my family. But till now, i still cough like a old man. so much with cold water & oily foods.

So guys, im & my family would like to wish you all happy fasting || Selamat menjalankan ibadah berpuasa. Maaf zahir & Batin, Halalkan makan minum. i understand that im not really perfect as i am only human ..i do made mistake. But try to learn my lesson, and try my very best to be better man.

Here's one of dozen of ma fav song during raya.

i love ramadhan mood!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Independence August ,so July just need to be update.

Assalamualaikum & good day guys! ( while bloggin, im listening on Hitz.Fm )

After checked, i notice most of my post shows that im sick & owez sick! owh my~ what can i say, im not really in 100% healthy anymore.but i know that im Survivor.yeah!!

This month will be Superstar as Ramadhan and Hari Merdeka is on the same Track.U can find a lotsa different kuih muih,masakan & minuman at Bazaar Ramadhan.Cash & Carry.hahah.But if u like to order Kuih Lidah from me, buzz me on my hp. owh ya, c'mon peeps! Im not really into Patriotic thingy, but i do Appreciate the effort to made our beloved country, MALAYSIA free! so dont forget, August 31. MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

Anyway, here some of "Update SHots" for July issue. hehe.Check it out!

- Hyatt, for Band Promo & Posters
Band Promo: Triple one
[ Triple one ]

- Diana BBQ Party.
Windy Sunday
[ Gurl Just Wanna Hav Fun ]

- Domy is on holiday.So just do some shots for her
[ Shhh~ ]

For more photos, please visit my flickr.:)

ok peeps, will keep posting new post after this. im on the bloggin mood!