Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Syukur Alhamdulillah

i would like to extend my thank you to all of u, especially my beloved family, relatives, & friends. Berkat doa dan sokongan semua orang, daddy beransur pulih. i appreciate for everything.



Friday, April 8, 2011

All of Sudden again?

Hihihih. hi again peeps! yeah, twice post in a day. guess that's da spirit kick in!

Anyway, i want to share some photos during photoshoot session a long time ago. i guess its around june 2009. During that time, im still using my 1st Love. 1000D ( as matter of fact, im still in luv with it)

This photoshoot made for Sueno Ninas Model Agency ( If im not mistaken the name of the company ) . its like my 1st experience handling this job. Be the head of the team. Luckily, its also like the 1st experience to the candidates,so can called it as even:p

so introducing to u ,



1000D rules!





**those are the time...sigh**

All of Sudden.

Assalamualaikum & greetings 2 u all.

ok, actually i don't really plan to update my blog today, since im super tide up with work & work & work. damn, everything is work. But somehow, my colleague surprise me with her question.. " bila lagi kau mau update ko punya blog? update la baa! "

yay! i dont know my colleagues read my blog. so this is it. UPDATED!

So i want to cut it short, here some photos i've taken during last march till close april.

Santie I

Santie III

Santie II

santie II

Santie III


Miming I

miming III

miming II

miming ii

Miming III


Masjid Bandaraya 2011


Masjid Bandaraya

Masjid Bandaraya

Sutera 2011

Sutera 2011

Sutera 2011 ver.B

Sutera 2011

.Coming Soon is my wedding photos collection. :D


Thursday, March 10, 2011


I will be back soon. Temporary not available to update this blog.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Im not crazy im just a little unwell

"All day staring at the ceiling Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me that
I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good
For something
Hold on feeling like I'm heading for a
Break down and I dunno why
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tellBut stay awhile and maybe then You'll see
A different side of me"

Assalamualaikum & good day guys! happy Weekend to y'all.

12 days after my previous post.so here i go again.try to post something that i can share with people's out there.

yeah, the injury still kickin badly! i got a new character, so they called me Dr.House

Awesome! actually one of my fav Tv Series:)

My family ask me to reconsider my decision to join the Team Building at Outward Bound Sabah (OBS) , and my colleague's said im crazy if i join that program... yay! so appreciate y'all concern guys. but ya, i told them..... ..Im not crazy, im just a little unwell.

hehehehe ( karas kepala Laugh )

so here some photo's during my Crazy Decision at OBS. i only manage to take a few shot's with my dad camera. .and the rest of the photos is from my colleague cam.

-Congratulation. we all made it!-
- My Team-
-The Gentlemen-
-Our Instructor known as Mr.P!-
-i can do this-
-burn baby burn-
-with Sue & Mahadir-
-Last Man Standing-
-With Imam Muda & Nazira-
-after this shot, everyone berendam di laut-
-with the Chairman, the GM, & Rest of Staff-

after im done with this program. My knee give me that Signal... "that's it. your dream is over."

but overall, i glad i can participate.Although my knee stop me to perform 100%, but at least now i know, those who strive shall survive!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Reality Bites"

Finally, im updating my blog for the 1st time in year 2011. Syukur Alhamdulillah,2010 sudah dilalui dengan seribu satu kenangan & peristiwa. what ever it is, its past is past.ti
me to move forward.NEW CHAPTER ya!!!

Insyaallah, i try to share some of photos during my holiday and my work as a Photographer.

by the way, the reason why i manage to update my blog is because today im on MC for couple of days. yaiks!!!!

last Dec 31,2010, i join basketball tournament at Sipitang.
At 1st, everything doing fine, but THE UGLY StORY start when we are in quarter final.During the match, one of the opponent actually hit me with his knee, direct impact forsure! well, like i always told to my teammate, no Pain No Game. my knee injured "so well".

its been a 10 days after that incident. Yesterday, Me with brother Taufik, jontot & l
iza is on Duty as a Official Photographer for Cement Industries Sabah ( CIS ) event, Family Day 2010. My 1st experience doing a group photo for more 100++ people at 1 time.i would like to thank you to taufik, for trusting me on this side.I will try to improve for the next time.overall, its w
as an amazing event.!

ok2, before i start to share some photos, let me tell u guys, that THE UGLY STORY did continue that day. yeah, seems that my knee still not very strong.i fall down. Again, tq again to taufik & liza to bring me to the Sinsang.its a hard time for me.huhuh..

what can i say, sudah takdir di awal tahun.Redha saja~

im in 2011.
Here i go~

hhuhhuhu... i starting to miss all those activities of mine. now i know, reality bites:(