Friday, April 8, 2011

All of Sudden.

Assalamualaikum & greetings 2 u all.

ok, actually i don't really plan to update my blog today, since im super tide up with work & work & work. damn, everything is work. But somehow, my colleague surprise me with her question.. " bila lagi kau mau update ko punya blog? update la baa! "

yay! i dont know my colleagues read my blog. so this is it. UPDATED!

So i want to cut it short, here some photos i've taken during last march till close april.

Santie I

Santie III

Santie II

santie II

Santie III


Miming I

miming III

miming II

miming ii

Miming III


Masjid Bandaraya 2011


Masjid Bandaraya

Masjid Bandaraya

Sutera 2011

Sutera 2011

Sutera 2011 ver.B

Sutera 2011

.Coming Soon is my wedding photos collection. :D



  1. i vote for santie I and miming II. hehehe great work bro.

  2. kim slm sama santie bro... hehehe... nice work pren...