Sunday, May 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum & Good day everyone. Hapi belated LABOUR DAY to all of you. im just 2 tired ,tide up with ma "work", and ma "job" .but yet, i got bills to pay, so its a must.

i luv this words " KALAU SUDAH NDA DAPAT KASI SENANG IBU BAPA, JANGAN LAH PULA DI KASI SUSAH DORANG" . i got this from ma best fwen sis.i heard it when she talk tru da phone.its gwud advise, and reminder 4 me, and 2 every1 else.Do appreciate people and ur love one.

well, tomorrow is a new and 1st monday for May 2010. i hope everything will be smooth...criminal.

gudnite folks. for the latest wedding photos,i'll update soon ya.