Thursday, April 15, 2010

How sweet of this Married Couple

TIME : 2100

Guess what, i suppose to upload this around 9AM this morning, but i failed. huhuhu.
Syukur Alhamdulillah. .Rezeki datang.and more to come.amin.
so here i go again,

Good day ya'll doin? at last, i manage 2 find my time to update this blog. for past few days, im tide up with my work, my work ,and again my work, plus my program activities. its like, 24hours its not enuff for me. yesterday, i meet this doctor. and the doc told me dat, time wont find me,im da 1 who need 2 find time. and if i still cant make it, then i MUST CREATEd my own time.owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh ...allllllllllllrite then. perhaps next time .:P

to the B&G (Bride and Groom), i had such a good time, capturing all the Stolen moment on ur Big day. Both side event had their own "Tarikan" . hahaha. i believe mr.Taufik & Roy know bout it.

So here some of the photos,

Stolen Moment

Afizul&Nora (204)

Afizul&Nora (203)

Afizul&Nora (332)
- T-ba in Action.i tq him a lot. sori x payung bro.huhu
Afizul&Nora (190)

**check out ma flickr for more photos**

owh ya, got this friend ask me bout my blog, because usually for Photog( especially wedding photog ) , its only blog about his/her job; and, other type of blogger, it only blog bout his/her own life. so me? well,im glad 2 tell u once again, dat what im doin in my blog, its..none of ur business.haha. kiddin. mine is more behambur & mix up. but I LOIKE~ i can blog bout anything,everything or wat so evaa la.wont push anyone 2 view it, so im still standing here in a free world ait. still, to who eva interested to get my Services,please dont hesitated to contact me in any time. its already 1AM. just now, i do click "new post" while im in oldtown. pending progress,till now. home sweet home. time to rest . sleeptide peeps!


Monday, April 12, 2010

last saturday its just not my day

well,as i mention above.its not my day.hhmm.. then now is monday. monday its not sunday.everyday its not holiday. bz, gr8!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


at last, i got free time to update my blog.hahah. (not really actually) last weekend, murah rezeki. so got Job for wedding at Putatan & Beringis. Im team up wit T-ba.really apreciate he can make it, otherwise, i will bingung2. and thank you to Leeza for Da batteries & Izrool for da "magic" bag.haha. well, this time from the bride side, dey hav Roy Ajin as the Bride OP. feel free to check his not updated blog.haha.recently, he just update his FB only. im gonna upload some of da wedding photos in my next post.( ketara la belum siap edit.hehe)

as im sitting here, checking all those photos,and gettin tired with all this editing process, i just want 2 share u guys this clip, made by roy. its soo unplanned. thought its just gonna be 1 of da random video; record,& delete, but yet,it turn out to b pretty awesome VC.haha. tq to Al & family, Qassim,Radzie & roy for this jamming session. Dats how we role!

ps: i promise to someone, that im gonna show this video to her. sorry for taking so much time.:P