Friday, March 2, 2012

twothousandtwelve. Finally, im back!

So the old year has passed and the New Year has arrived, what do we do with it? First, let us give thanks to ALLAH S.W.T .. Without Him watching over us, protecting and guiding us, providing for us and keeping us, we would not be here.

Assalamualaikum & good day peeps. yes i know. im late! hahaha. We are in MARCH already, but i believe we still kickin!! yaaa... we have been given a new year and thus a new opportunity to make it an awesome year. I say take it with heart!

orait.. enough with that. i just wish all the best for everyone. be happy and healthy!

today is Friday. and im still in the office. i love my job. that's the ugly truth!

True.Strength. lets kick ass!

hahaha! hang on. naaa.. its not me. just incase u wondering who's that fella is. im just helping my cousin to do some simple design just for fun. so i just feel want to share it here. will keep updating then. gotta go~