Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 00 9 , J U N E 19

at da same month, on 19 , last 23 years ago, a a man was born. officially name Ak.Huzaireen bin Pg.Ja'afar @ Pg.Huzaireen Pg.Ja'afar. ..and... ok..ok STOP IT! just not realy in da mood to reveal everything. i prefer face to face session.

well, ya it is ma buffday yesterday. june19.syukur alhamdulillah, im still manage to survive! tq to my lovely MUM, DAD, SISTA, N BROTHA!! LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how bout friends??

- hhmmm... u guys ROCKS! hehehehe. this year, ders NO PARTY.. i repeat, NO PARTY celebration. some of them kinda sad.hahaha. yo peeps, sometimes buffday its not bout partying or celebrating saja ba. sometimes it oso bout apreciation, thankfull and other stuff.hehe. ok, i do quick recap for u all, wat actually happen yesterday.

clock ticks 1200am, I was limpang2 at sofa, enjoying da movie:

*stephen chow movie, forgt da title od, but damn funny*

so i was on9 dat time ( luckly i've iphone & e71,so its easy & handy)

haha.when i update ma email & facebook. da 1st wave already der. more then 20 msg comin.. and then da 2nd wave, and it keep comin..and coming ..and coming. hehe. not to mention ma cellphone. da sms tones keep doin his job.hahaha! and again, tq 4 all da wishes

during da office hour, i was freekin bz.tpi da best part it, when i manage to do da disposal thingy.

then me and fendy go out, buying da best kuih pisang in town, oso beli bread. cuz i understand, dey throw small celebration to Mr.edward, and at da same time, for me! im sooooooooo touch.kekekekeke. well, dey bought me chocolate, cards, and a tie. a nice colorful stripes tie!

after work, i was rush for some hoops at fohsang. i meet ma "eclipse" team. so as usual, we all chill and hav fun. enjoying da game. Sori guys, no pizza for this time. we just do da lepak-ing at mamak stall.

after dat,im home. still thinking,and thinking. at da same time, da waves still comin. hhmm..
sori to ma cuzzie, not able to go dinner with her. (her fault actually,hahah.sapa suru.lidut)

so since i not yet takin ma dinner, honeystar suggest me to go mamam at tanjung lipat.da soup & da wantan. mabeless!!

drop by at dragonboat venue.seems every crew bz setup da booth for da Da DRAGONBOAT EVENT wich will be held today and tomorrow.

gr8 moment indeed~

after dat, i went to Djuction. guess wat, brother sham was der.haha.welcome back to kk (even its just for weekend). then last nite, brother gerry had difficult time with his personal issue. Just hope for da best la for him.

after dat,me & big guy go check out some kk nite scenes. then balik loh. today keja.

so basically, dats it. ma buffday for diz 2009.

so now, im still and just chillin at office

owh.. and 1 other thing,i oso wana say apologize to all people who deserve ma 4givness,. hahah nowadays, my bad habit is.. IM SO SLOW and not in da mood to uploading those photos. sori2.

bah, lunch time! i go 1st. c u round folks!