Tuesday, September 15, 2009



As im in office, my Mind & My heart already missing~ hehehe, yup2! well as we all know, this is our last week
of Ramadhan, before we go to da SYAWAL mode. As far as we happy celebrating The Hari Raya things, at the
same time, im personally kinda sad, as Ramadhan will be leaving us again.=( Hope for The Best in our future!!


Ok, since my focus is only in Raya .So during my "Busy" time in office, i decided to share with you guys some of
the photos which i taken during the Raya Show Case, Held in Podium, Karamunsing Complex, Kota Kinabalu .
My friend invite me to do some shoTs for her Sueno Ninas Botique, Once again i wanna say sorry for the
"Salah Date" . heheh. actually the event is for 2 days (saturday & Sunday) and for
the Sueno Show, it run on the sunday, not saturday! haha. my bad.

Well, thats all for now. Double up your energy to help Orang Rumah during this puasa ya
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

9.9.09 (part 2)

well, this is da part two. since i've a lotsa of
work need to be done in office, so i decided not to do it.hahaha. not really in working mood. more into hari raya ba!

hehe.im home sweet home about 5pm. so my big brother plan to do some Testing for his new BigToy. So we plan to go the Beach.. the Kampung beach. i lurvE beach! At the same time, he help me to help him to do some shots, just to improve my skills:) thanx bro. the Ride was awesome!

This is my brother big toy. he motivate me to keep on saving, put our own goals & target,Patience is a MUST

So i end my lovely eve with this session. then go home for sungkai!

Glad i can get enuff rest at Kampung. i do need dat.

God bless us:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.9.09 (part 1)

9.9.09 , does it sounds great?! heheheh. yup guys. today is September 9, 2009 . where most couple's gettin married, especially chinese people
( they believed that the number 9 will bring them lucky, healthy, and $$$$++++ ) well, lain padang lain belalang. for me, i just like the numbers. wink2

good day guys. Assalamualaikum. Hows da fasting thing doing? So far so good? Hope u'll manage to survive.heheh. Dont worry, the Hari Raya just around the corner. Do ur preparation fast!

“Today I suppose to go to work..” say again.. “suppose..” but ya, im not. Im on “MC” . I dont really feel wanna talk bout the reason why im taking my Mc today, but I really need it 1. so at 2PM I consider free willy already. So I drop by to the DOULOS. Check some books and environments.

** pending photos**