Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday is always be monday

well, today is Dec 28, 2009. almost 2 years since i started my blog thingy. But poor thing, my blog from the ximplify has been blocked. tsk..tsk.. well, i just keep it in my head. the rest i just proceed here. plus, its FREE. hehehe

almost 5pm, and i dont really know, what in the earth im doin since this morning.i guess to much redbull also not good for health. for last two week, im helping out my cousinZ who's gettin married to their own Mr.Right. Congrate to Nurul, Congrate to Yna. Surely,i'll upload some of the photos here. but not now,not today.perhaps some other next blog ya.

Nurul akad Nikah happen to be on 1st of Muharam, and Yna Akad Nikah happen to be on 25 Dec. Both date are very hard to forget, and i know i wont.

My sister is going back to tawau. and guess what, my mum ikut! huhuhu. so sad, im not qualified for leave. well, hope & pray everything will be fine. as fine as im celebrating my last xmas 2009.:)

before i end my -nuthing-less-session- , just wanna share u this sweet song.
( ketara la boring, browse youtube, then.. taraa.i got another fav song in. so afraid of losing it,i might as well put it in ma blog)

ENjoy ur monday peeps

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CURRY CURRY CURRY ..hehehehehe

Salam guys. well last night ( consider it as yesterday, since now is 1240AM) i had really Kenyang-full session with Taufik, Norman,Leeza,Noreen & Juandi. Its such a un-plan plan.hehehehe. well, tq 2 leeza, for willing to drive back to Krisna ( after long & unwell day for her ), to Noreen, da reload was successful . To Norman, cant lie to myself, i still very new in riding bike. u left me 2 tiang behind.hehehe. hope ur parent doing fine. take my advise, just go take ur leave. To Jont's , tarik Pari kita joo! haha. and to ma bro taufik, tq for let me ( and i think most of da rest of peeps) drop by ur office for lepak-ing.hehe. well guys, really apreaciate for coming. i hope u guys enjoy da foods, cuz i noe i am.hehehe.

honestly, less tension & stress when im wit kamurang.hehehehe. gwud for me, and i hope gwud 4u too.

happy belated Awal Muharam , upcoming Xmas, & a Happy new year:)

p/s: now i realized, all of us like to take photos. but during da dinner, smua pun nada ambik. i guess, everyone look 4ward on da foods. curry curry curry!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new year is coming.

Hi. just wanna drop by here before i doooz off. just got this feeling wana upload some of Dorina Photos here. Tq to bro T-ba for teaching me on how to upload tru Flickr to here. Now i Know.

dorina C


Dorina Clarie

So i guess dats it. Credit to T-ba,Leeza,Noreen to made this thing happen. I know im Bro Norman, u will got ur chance soon:)

A lil Updated bout myself >

- currently, got Tune Cup Tournament for Basketball. kalah juga la nanti ni. but its gwud 4 health

- Working thingy? well, lets just say the time is running out.i just hope & pray dis comin new year will be a gwud start 4 me. and hope 4 da rest of ma peeps too

- last 2 week, got wedding shot at putatan wit t-ba & liza, norren make up. i hav fun! heheh

- My Jiran a.k.a ma ging karas since i was 7y already got his new job. but his posting at Lahad Datu.huhuhu.. tiada suda ging minum kupi bawah kolong ni. all da best 2 Hafidz Mailin and congrate.

- New family members! yeah!! my sis selamat melahirkan baby gurl. Welcome arrive Hanna!

- My sis in law, u next.its just matter of time, my bro will gona b Dad.wah!

- Not to mention, tq 2 my family, especially my mum & dad for dat Vroom Vroom Gift. ( after 3 times attempt/request/pujuk rayu ) i love u all.

Guys, here i share 1 of my family photo during raya. but ya, my 2 sister is not around. d rumah laki masing2

ala.. jam 2 pagi pula suda ni. di sini la aku nda ber ngam ni sama bantal ku. **flirting with sleep**

alhamdulillah. dapat juga aku Sembrono updated ni blog.