Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Bad Day

... i got a call this afternoon from my sister. something to do with Speed Trap.
yurp.speed trap! got letter from the Police Traffic.well, i guess you know what ait.

SAMAN!! just great!

dey caught me speeding over the limit. some where around Putatan. the worst part is, the summon actually for the last month speedo. Dugaan.. nda habis habis. i believe its just a small test.I hope i'll survive. bring it on.i'll be strong.

* Not really in the mood *

Friday, July 16, 2010

Quite Glad

Hi peeps. about ma my previous post ( yesterday ) ait, well guess what. walaaaaa!

But last night, something weird happen(0-o)

i had this dream. hmm.. i cant recall that much, yet sumthin to do with my wallet issue. ***bingung***

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Advise to myself

Past few weeks, ..things not really on my side. Lies, betrayal, hates & so on.My "luck" keep coming, when this morning, i lost my wallet. Most of the important things are gone. IC, license , cards. maybe its my fault. i dont know.i just feel sucks bout it.

So here some of advise to myself.

* Be alert 24/7

* D.T.A

* Keep Track

* bla bla bla

* Bla bla bla

* bla bla bla

.. I think this post is good enough to remind me to be extra careful in future. what can i say, Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur. Whats done is done. So i need to go to make a report, explain this & explain that. Need to go to JPN . doing this and Doing that. i need to go the JPJ. Apply this and Apply that.

I know this is 1 Minor test from God. so i must be strong & redha bout it.

so again, to Me,myself & I . You know whats the best for You.

p/s: I really hope.i really2 hope.. and i hope .. i just misplace my wallet. Promise,i'll be good, and will be more alert on this kinda thing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

im Awake between June & July

Salam & good day.

so hows thing around u guys? Hope everyone doing fine. Actually im not feeling very well.hope to get well soon.

Anyway, here some photos that i want to share with u guys. really thanks to Bro taufik, nooren & christine. its been a while didn't manage to join them, but this time. im lucky:)

Im still in learning process, just hope for the best & improvement. so here we go~

christine (3)

christine (4)

christine (2)


ps: quite nervous this time.i wonder why. hehehe