Thursday, July 15, 2010

Advise to myself

Past few weeks, ..things not really on my side. Lies, betrayal, hates & so on.My "luck" keep coming, when this morning, i lost my wallet. Most of the important things are gone. IC, license , cards. maybe its my fault. i dont know.i just feel sucks bout it.

So here some of advise to myself.

* Be alert 24/7

* D.T.A

* Keep Track

* bla bla bla

* Bla bla bla

* bla bla bla

.. I think this post is good enough to remind me to be extra careful in future. what can i say, Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur. Whats done is done. So i need to go to make a report, explain this & explain that. Need to go to JPN . doing this and Doing that. i need to go the JPJ. Apply this and Apply that.

I know this is 1 Minor test from God. so i must be strong & redha bout it.

so again, to Me,myself & I . You know whats the best for You.

p/s: I really hope.i really2 hope.. and i hope .. i just misplace my wallet. Promise,i'll be good, and will be more alert on this kinda thing.

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