Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Bad Day

... i got a call this afternoon from my sister. something to do with Speed Trap.
yurp.speed trap! got letter from the Police Traffic.well, i guess you know what ait.

SAMAN!! just great!

dey caught me speeding over the limit. some where around Putatan. the worst part is, the summon actually for the last month speedo. Dugaan.. nda habis habis. i believe its just a small test.I hope i'll survive. bring it on.i'll be strong.

* Not really in the mood *


  1. byr cepat2 bro... ble dpt diskaun jgk tu... papepun, aku dpt 2 saman tiada lesen... well,i feel u bro bout dis... never la kena speed trap sbb moto aku paling kuat 80km/j ja... hee...

  2. done. i just feed some of the peeps.its all good.