Thursday, July 1, 2010

im Awake between June & July

Salam & good day.

so hows thing around u guys? Hope everyone doing fine. Actually im not feeling very well.hope to get well soon.

Anyway, here some photos that i want to share with u guys. really thanks to Bro taufik, nooren & christine. its been a while didn't manage to join them, but this time. im lucky:)

Im still in learning process, just hope for the best & improvement. so here we go~

christine (3)

christine (4)

christine (2)


ps: quite nervous this time.i wonder why. hehehe


  1. tine looks natural & i like d 2nd pic. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. alala kenapa nama tu keluar? baik letak full name terus hahahaha. apa pon Nice Series. Well Done Bro. i dunno y my comments not appear to bad for me (-.-)

  4. argh.. dunno bro.sori.maybe something wrong with the blogspot.This post has been removed by the yg kuar. and sori again for the name. im quite bingung2 suda kepala tu time.

    miszyx: tq:)

  5. like the 2nd pics... well done bro...