Monday, June 21, 2010


Assalamualaikum & Good day :)

Guess what, its my Birthday! im referring on the June 19.i only manage to update my blog today,so here i go. ( i plan to Update this blog first before i start to Jumpstart my work with those pending job )

Syukur Alhamdulillah, my dad's home .actually, my dad masuk wad last Thursday:((
im really glad during that time, my family & my beloved Friends give me full support to hang on. thanks again to all of u.I

and tq again to You Know who Are, for the effort & Help. Really appreciate that.

Still wanna wish all of u, Happy Father’s Day. Thanks again for wishing me on my birthday. I wish i have proper words to return your good thoughts & wishes.

Before i end this session, i just wana share some of da wishes from hundred W I s H e S i got.
this two wish is from MR & MRS AL.they both look very sweet together:) happy for them.

"There are times when life would knock us down, but with faith, love and support from the people around us, it gives us the strength to bounce back. U are lucky to have these kind of people around you. (^___^) By the way, it's your Birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AK.. I wish for u a 'Super Duper spring' dat will always help u to BOUNCE BACK in your life! (toing! toing!) God Bless.. take good care Ak... :-) -Aviebunny-"


"well fren .. i juz wanna say .. thanx for everything .. thanx for all the help .. appreciate it very much from deep in my heart .. sorry for the bad things that happened to u lately .. hope ur dad will be well very soon .. goodluck n all the best to u .. hope u'll b stronger in everything u do to overcome the challenges ahead cuz it will always be there no matter wat .. Hav a good day .. Happy Birthday to u my fren ...."



  1. OMG... happy belated bro.... hope semuanya success wut eva u do... AMEN!!!

  2. hehehe.tq bro.u noe wat, mengidam nasi merah d sadong tu.hhmmm~