Monday, January 10, 2011

"Reality Bites"

Finally, im updating my blog for the 1st time in year 2011. Syukur Alhamdulillah,2010 sudah dilalui dengan seribu satu kenangan & peristiwa. what ever it is, its past is past.ti
me to move forward.NEW CHAPTER ya!!!

Insyaallah, i try to share some of photos during my holiday and my work as a Photographer.

by the way, the reason why i manage to update my blog is because today im on MC for couple of days. yaiks!!!!

last Dec 31,2010, i join basketball tournament at Sipitang.
At 1st, everything doing fine, but THE UGLY StORY start when we are in quarter final.During the match, one of the opponent actually hit me with his knee, direct impact forsure! well, like i always told to my teammate, no Pain No Game. my knee injured "so well".

its been a 10 days after that incident. Yesterday, Me with brother Taufik, jontot & l
iza is on Duty as a Official Photographer for Cement Industries Sabah ( CIS ) event, Family Day 2010. My 1st experience doing a group photo for more 100++ people at 1 time.i would like to thank you to taufik, for trusting me on this side.I will try to improve for the next time.overall, its w
as an amazing event.!

ok2, before i start to share some photos, let me tell u guys, that THE UGLY STORY did continue that day. yeah, seems that my knee still not very strong.i fall down. Again, tq again to taufik & liza to bring me to the Sinsang.its a hard time for me.huhuh..

what can i say, sudah takdir di awal tahun.Redha saja~

im in 2011.
Here i go~

hhuhhuhu... i starting to miss all those activities of mine. now i know, reality bites:(


  1. apa maksud gambar x-ray ko tu bro? maklum la aku bukan doktor hehehe. buy da way senyum senyum ba bergambar tu jangan mara mara nanti lambat sembuh hehehe. semoga cepat sembuh bro.

  2. aiyo.. AK! Apa jadi la.. Get well soon ok!

  3. boy: tq man, with hope to get speed recovery.

    t-ba: terima kasih saudara:) ya, will put a smile next time.

    harn sheng: twisted knee bro!