Friday, February 19, 2010


MAHUA WATERFALL TAMBUNAN is such a good place to relax my mind. Well, this is my 1st time to come here. im kinda excited, since its been a while didnt do this adventure activities. Finally i had my own time, my own space and my own R.I.P Trip. Thanks again to Taufik, Leeza & nooren for willing to share your time to made this trip alive.. + pedas + gatal + pedih = Sakit ( chill guys. my fault, no hugging tree next time)

so here some photos during dat time; sila tunjuk ajar

kid + waterfall = Cold
This Young Lady really catch my eyes. she's freezing


My 1st Official Macro Shot. Tq to taufik & leeza for sharing da ILMU

Mahua Waterfall
Somehow, this remind me how small i am..

**For more Mahua photos, drop by my flickr**

sorry for the late update. many things actually happen in my life. Those who strive shall survive, and i hope i can be in the "strive" team.
So dats it for now. look forward for my next journey.



  1. your latest picture remind me about the green forest, remind me about the waterfall around the Sabah. Your macro picture looks great. Congratulation for that macro pic.

  2. tq vil. well, dats how sabah role~!